Friday, 30 March 2007

principles & morals

In this day and age, it still baffles me how people tend to take the easier route when it comes to the debate about right and wrong, about principles and morals.

Take for instance the current political situation. On the internet there are so many nasty things being said about both sides of this political divide.

That which irks me the most is the never ending racial twist that people bring into this discussion about the legality of the takeover, the morality of the actions of those who conducted the takeover etc. etc.

Why do Fijians and Indians always find it easier to bring a racial dimension to our political problem when most of the time it is not? Our current political impasse is not about race and never was yet... its clear to anyone with half a brain or with the courage to say so, that we are divided racially - AGAIN - when it comes to is this IG doing the right thing or the wrong thing?

Why cant we look at things as a matter of principle and not judge a situation on the basis of whether or not we as Indians/Fijians will benefit from whatever decisions are made by whomever holds the reigns of power?

So - whilst blogging today (for want of something better to do), i thought id just write my thoughts. If it helps to shed some light onto someones thoughts - then my 2cents worth has been well contributed.

I want to share this quote someone shared with me several years ago:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King Jr.

In my young mind, it could mean many things but chief amongst them is the idea that we cant stand by if we see things that need our attention, our opinion, our help, our thoughts or our contribution to a solution.

When you know something wrong is happening right next door to you - do you turn a blind eye and hope itll all come to its own good end? Or do you help to alleviate the problem?

I long for day when we can be united as principled people either for or against those chapters which can change the course of history. When we can be united on values and not on the colour of skin or the degree of straight in our hair.

Thats all.
(found this on another website, written by a young journalist. it adds to the earlier posting so i thot it might add another dimension.)

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Not about race

There is no need for racism in this fight for freedom.
This takeover was never about race, just like 2000 never was about race. We only become as foolish as the fools who conduct coups when we believe in the racial cards they swipe in our faces whenever their greed compels them to take over a democratically elected govt.


Fight the good fight people and fight it with principles - the hard way. Dont take the easy way out.
Jo Mar is a humble man who succeeded thro hard work, not because he was part fijian or part anything else.
Why do we believe the hype military bring on when they question why someone earns so much money. Its true - we shld be skeptical when public funds are excessively used but we cant generalise all the time. We become complacent in our judgement of right and wrong when we do that.
In Mars case - lets not be quick to judge and lets try to see the merits of his career.

lesser of two evils?

"... we dont become better people when we stoop to the level of those we purpote to oppose..."